“A Kurtz home is always the best house on the street and commands a much higher resale value.”
– Mediterra Client

“We are very happy with our home and tell everyone we meet that Kurtz is the way to go when building…Best wishes for your continued success, and thanks for the opportunity to share some fun.”
– Pelican Bay Client

“Just want you to know how much we appreciate the fine home that you and your staff built for us. We especially appreciate the ” client care & communication ” that all of your people on site, and in your office, always displayed while guiding us through the construction of the home. Randy, we basically started the project with a shake of the hand, and ended up with a home and a relationship that we are all proud of. I am sure both of our dad’s became successful that way.”
– Gulfshore Client

“When we interviewed the builders we immediately felt that Randy was very clear with what to expect, all the costs associated with the building, the process of getting the best price from the subs and the timeline and budget expectations. Where other builders we met were not as candid about where they may have hidden costs, Randy was upfront. We chose Randy and to be honest we had a great building process. The quality was more than expected, and we have lived her for over 5 years now and you can usually see flaws afterwards; to date there have not been any quality flaws. He was on budget except where we upgraded items or items went up in cost from the original budget to purchase, and for some items we actually lowered the budget by continued value engineering in the early building process or we found materials that suppliers were overstocked or negotiated. There were punch list and follow up items that needed completion or fixing and his firm was always prompt in taking care of them. His firm oversees our home when we are back up north in the summer, and when we are in Naples in the winter and we want to change something or deal with an issue they still take care of it. Since they know the home and systems it is seamless for any item that comes up.”
– Gulfshore and Kurtz Concierge client

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